Final Notice: This is the second part

So, as I was saying, some goddamn snitcher has ratted me out.
To my father.

[Anush Kapadia at this moment is the most suitable candidate for a suspect, that fucking mummy’s boy]

He [my father] sent me a text blatantly lifted from one of my posts that seemed to imply that I did drugs. Even though, in my defense, the context of the entry had absolutely NOTHING to do with drug taking of any sort. Just being interrogated about it like its some controversial piece of evidence really irritates me. [My father is a solicitor]

But what really annoys me the most is that my father could have been reading the blog and the various idiotic comments flying back and forth for some time now. How long, who knows?
How very very very very careless of me.

When I said I was pissed off he threatened to halt all payments of my school fees for being ‘antsy’ and replied it was hardly a private journal, being as it was, on the internet.
So now I plan on sulking.

It is also his birthday tomorrow. Just to guilt trip him properly I shall send him a e-card.
But still, at the same time, carefully maintaining my inter-continental sulk.


Emergency action has been taken and my blog has changed addresses. [In case you haven’t noticed]
It is no longer on my profile and can only be accessed by typing it in the address bar.

Let us pray to Zarathustra that in the future this does not occur again.

Or more to the point, that I am much more discreet.


10 thoughts on “Final Notice: This is the second part

  1. leo doode, i don’t know if your being ironic or sarcastic but i fucking really think so.I mean i honestly don’t care about the 45 year old man in australia who might be vicariously living my life, but my parents man!!I try and keep them out of my life as much as possible. this is just not on.k – this is why bawi’s should never be allowed to run around loose on the internet. we just don’t know what the hell we’re doing anyway.

  2. If your dad’s really smart, and he probably is, he’s been reading your friends’ blogs as well – just to know the people you know. And those people still haven’t changed their blog addresses. So, you have to be <>VERY, VERY<> careful when posting comments on their blogs.For instance, in your comment to ‘my new look’ post, you mentioned your new blog link! It’s right there waiting for him if he chances upon my blog. You should probably edit it out. Then again, maybe he doesn’t have a criminal mind like mine.

  3. It seems as though parents feel the need to attach themselves to their children like some damn wart that won’t go away. I feel for you! My mother found my therapy journal and flew into a rage because I discussed my relationship with her. She is the reason I need therapy! LOLStay true to yourself…

  4. oh man that sounds quite bad. hope it doesn’t get worse! luckily mine didn’t get a chance to read any of the more censor-worthy stuff on my blog. and my mom couldn’t be bothered anyway. she can barely figure out how to use the internet. to be fair to my parents though i have no relationship complaints. there are just some things that you discuss with peers and cant with parents. my poor dad feels left out though.

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