Chaos in the Bawa house

This blog business has been reigning unforeseen havoc in my household.

Who fucking knew??

My mum called up to inquire if I’d wished my Dad on his birthday and mentioned that all he can talk about is this blog [which she hadn’t read thank god]. I explained to my mother, that the blog was purely for the benefit of peers and that I’m sure she discussed things with her friends that she wouldn’t tell her folks about. [which she reasonably agreed with, but knowing my father’s endless nosiness, he definitely won’t]

But in any case. I’ve been receiving a barrage of text messages from the accused and his defendant.

Anush just sent one informing me he had never got round to reading my blog and it was Hormuz, the junior solicitor perving around. Apparently, my father’s junior [for what reason who knows] has been looking me up online [or fuck knows what] and told my dad about the blog yesterday.

So I’m happy to inform you all that Anush Kapadia is in the clear and is not the grass snake, [but he’s still a little bit of a mummy’s boy though]

I can only deduce from all the texts flying back and forth, that the Kapadias must be sitting in my garden having a drink on my fathers birthday, and discussing this blog business in complete anatomical detail.

My father is very upset that I don’t want him reading my blog and just sent me a text saying it was damn cheap and childish of me to delete it.

Anush has also just texted to say he particularly resents the mummy’s boy bit especially coming from an unreconstructed daddy’s girl.


Tell me panic indeed.

Now here’s the problem.

My parents, should they ever find my blog again, would certainly NEVER tell me. They’d just continue reading it behind my back. Eggheads paranoid has really infected me and now I’m constantly googling it. So far so good and I can’t find it. But who knows???

What is the solution to this problem?

I could possibly have a fake blog but thats way too much work.

What else O mighty Egghead?


10 thoughts on “Chaos in the Bawa house

  1. Oh Mazdaist, I tell you this: Bother not of the tyranny of those who sired you. Allow me to quote the bible pertaining to these unfortunate series of events. <><>“Children, obey your parents in all things: for this is well pleasing unto the Lord. Fathers, provoke not your children to anger, lest they be discouraged.”<><>Do note however that I am neither christian-bred nor bible-bound. Only that it’s considered <>with it<> these days if you can shoot off biblical phrases by the dozen.

  2. i agree. he ditches me for sagar and riddhi (not our riddhi) and they’re both complete losers man. i dont get this guy. he’s actually quite cool. and he stillwants to hang with them. sheesh.

  3. and scritch, I think you needn’t panic now. If you’ve requested the blog to remain private and unlisted, it’s going to be just that. No amount of googling will fetch it.

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