Rejected Ya! Covers

So after slaving for over a week and a half on the Ya! Cover, not to mention editing it back and forth back and forth innumerable times, I thought “What the heck?” and made a completely new cover from scratch [that I felt really fit the brief much better AND their stringent colour requirements], and which they said they liked.

YET after all of this… I was THEN asked to continue anally making a million idiotic colour changes to BOTH covers [serves me right] until eventually, 5 days past the intended deadline, they ask me to do a THIRD cover and I finally said,

“Fuck it, stop wasting my time.”

I hope they pay me: At least 10 days work with an average of 7-8 hours per day on two 1GB size files.
Thats 70 hours of work.

Ya! apparently can’t print black, so this one was scratched…

I really liked this one as a cover. It fit the colour printing standards and it was clean, concise and sharp [or so I believe, at least]…

This was what was left after the multitude of colour changes…

Oh we prefer the colour you chose before, they say. Change it back..

More intense editing….

Fucking serious butchering here…

Bear in mind I’m leaving out at least 20 jpegs with the most minor, rubbish edits because its just so mind numbingly pointless.

As you can imagine I’m somewhat teed off.
I can understand where they’re coming from, and I don’t mind my work not being used, but I resent being dangled for over a week when I could have worked on other things.


2 thoughts on “Rejected Ya! Covers

  1. The green ones seemed just about all right. What is Ya! anyhow? Oh and why have you enabled this trashy word verification? Do you have an amorous computer bot stalking you?

  2. Ya! is the DNA paper children’s supplement. Aimed at 4-9 yrs. yeah the green was ok.I do have a stalker bot, it keeps telling me to check out some links. and I’m getting tired of deleting its comments.

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