More Cardinal Hume Stuff



14 thoughts on “More Cardinal Hume Stuff

  1. You may not know it, Scritch, (although there’d be more ring to the sentence if I used your real name here) but there’s a mole amongst your cardinals. Unfortunately I know his nefarious schemes. You cannot fool me, Crow! Raven! Rook! Jackdaw! You black scourge of the skies!

  2. Actually, I think it’s ‘esque’, not esk, or esq. Having huge, huge ex-girlfriend dramas at the moment. Like so huge, they’re bigger than my you-know-whats. If you mail me your number at sometime, I’ll call you. Or just email me with your email address and I’ll…uh…email you. Hay-soos.-You Know Who

  3. ok i agree with scritch that egg head is a strange man… other than that.. scritch, i really would love you as my art partner if you ever decided to apply your art to the humble and not so sacred world of advertising… 😉i love the cardinals.. also the calender designs and i don’t see Amol.. the one i knew looked like a bullfrog..

  4. who is shah? and is he cute and should we be flirting? leo, you intrigue me…thank you Spaz I’m glad you like it, I’m all for the non sacred. [unsacred?]Illustrators and graphic people aren’t considered ‘high art’ by some snob elitist artist [i.e ratna] so advertising is great for us. Let those elitist bastards starve. [but i love ratna really]and i really don’t know about the Amol thing.

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