Beware Trouble In A White Skirt.

Continuing my current obsessive phase, I went to the Blues Bar to ‘groupie’ the Ian Siegal Band. I didn’t ask Fernanda or Onnalin to join me because, well because I was sure they’d tell me to get help.

Of course, while Lex, Puru and James mock my girlish lust for the lead guitarist, Puru had sometime ago gone up to Mr. Siegal in a drunken stupor, drooled all over his shoes and gushed,

“Mr Siegal, it’s really shuch han ‘onour to shake your hand….this is really shuch an ‘onour”.

According to trustworthy reports Mr. Siegal was not impressed. I doubt I could ever top such beautiful ass kissing.

During an incredibly long wait until the band came on, Lex walked up to some guy and said,

“Hey, I don’t know if you remember, but we had a really intelligent conversation a few months ago…”

…an unusually hilarious opening line that I thought was worth recording.

The tiny flaw with the Blues Bar is that it’s so damn small and crowded you end up standing most of the time. Fernanda somehow, I don’t exactly know how, manages to brow beat or flirt her way into a seat. Luckily for me Niall, (the Irish bartender) who also plays and sings offered me a vacated seat, which was very nice of him and being a first-rate bitch I ditched the poor boys and ran off to occupy it. (In my defense I had been at work standing in heels for 8 hrs)

So far this was all fine and dandy, the band played, I socialized, ogled a little, drank, smoked. Which reminds me, I owe the bartender and James a drink.

I was however pleasantly surprised when during the break the ex suddenly showed up, after previously messaging to say the line outside was too long and couldn’t be bothered to wait another hour.

So far still all fine and dandy. Half way through the 3rd set James and Puru said they were tired and wanted to leave (oh the sissies!). I said goodbye and meandered my way back to the ex and Niall.

That’s when trouble, oh big BIG trouble came my way.

An oriental devil woman in a tiny white top, white skirt and a tattooed midriff asked me and the ex to dance.

The ex politely declined, I reluctantly agreed. Unfortunately both the devil and I had/have a…. particular way of dancing.

Needless to say I think we gave the audience a pretty good show not to mention the band. Puru and James had suddenly seemed to have changed their minds about heading off.

The ex suddenly and disastrously left, leaving me only with a text saying “gone home”. The night only went downhill from there.

I ended up taking a cab to the ex’s place. By the time I reached there I was panicking both from guilt and the fact that I was uninvited, it was 3 in the morning, no one was answering the phone and my phone battery seemed to be on its death-bed.

Half and hour of trying to buzz myself in, then wandering up and down on the street looking for a porter and now seriously fucking worried.

I had my doubts about this being my greatest idea. (What can I say, sometimes I have doubts)

It’s 3 in the morning, my phone is dead, no money, stuck outside someone’s house.

Thank god the ex finally woke up and opened the door. Whew.


9 thoughts on “Beware Trouble In A White Skirt.

  1. Hahahahahaha!!!! my dear Janine what are we gonna do with you. By the way, got an email from Foz, saying that we got a crit in 2 weeks time. I am in panic!!! havent done much work but still i want to see him…. i miss him.

  2. Is this the same ex with the super fuckin cool sunglasses??? Why are you being buzzed in at three am!??!! And what man does not want to dance with a hot oriental woman in a short white skirt? it was short right.. cause i am not sure you mentioned the length. I’m confused.

  3. reluctantly agreed to dance?? hahaha! Me and James came back cos u did such a good job in persuading us to stay, what with that smile and all. The show we got when we went back, well that was just a bonus really! Shit, didn’t know u had to wait that long outside though!p.s. i didn’t drool all over his shoes!

  4. Spaz I’d love to enlighten you but I cant give too much away on here except to the length of the skirt. which was knee length. I’m not a big fan of mini skirts. and yes this is the one and only ex sans glasses that night. We are friends now. haha I’m glad I convinced you and james, puru. and i bet you look lovely when you drool.

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