House Hunt Hell!

We just got back from house hunting. [Just one flat]

God I loathe moving. I think its time to just stay put. I’ve been moving for the past 5 years man. Let the fucking poofs move [they seem to be quarreling upstairs as I type].

The place we checked out was quite nice except for the fact that the main bedroom was gorgeous and the 2 others were smallish. And one was a box. Big windows certainly, but not worth 80£ a week for a box and zero [and I mean zero] storage. I seriously doubt Kurt will take the single and if I do, well I’m not saving much money AND I can’t fit anyone else in my bed. [That would certainly kill my social life]

Last last last year Lydia convinced me to take a box room for a year using vicious singles discrimination

“Oh well you don’t have a boyfriend and I do so…”, she remarked, letting her words trail off meaningfully.

I was so pissed off with myself for agreeing. I kicked myself all year, still do really. What a schmuck I was

So Monty spent the walk back trying to brow beat me into taking the place.

“Dude, its like the first place I’ve ever been to where I’d say yes without seeing anywhere else.” he says enthusiastically.

Yeah of course you would. Your fucking bedroom with Anders has an en-suite, is a double attic bedroom and is fucking beautiful. We have no storage no cupboards and no space for the same price. Taking into account the market rate increasing its still exchanging a decent double room for a pokey hole.


8 thoughts on “House Hunt Hell!

  1. Janine, lovin ur work..and ur dancing 🙂and also good work on reporting on my hilarious line that i didnt know neone heard..and also puru`s ‘this is truly an onour mr siegal..’ greatest line ever, i will have it now for all time as my msn name! 🙂This is lex who 4got his password..

  2. as long as you agree with me i think we’ll be ok. or disagree with leo. or disagree perversely with me. or call leo a gay. i’m very easily pleased that way.

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