More House Moving Mess

There has been some serious house hunting drama lately, [this happens every year].

After my last post I spoke to the estate agent about staying here by myself and looking for a flatshare. She said blah blah blah and blah so I emailed someone to come and see the room.

Later that evening I spoke to M about it,

“Uhm M listen…someone’s coming to see the room, I’m thinking about a flatshare and staying here ….” I mention, trying to sound casual.

I had a feeling in my gut that told me there would be trouble. M likes people to do what he wants as a rule. My rebellion would not sit well.

“Dude, like I’m quite upset about this. Like, how can you not tell me sooner! And like, I’ve never heard of someone coming to view a flat when people lived there. And like we were all going to move in together!! Anders is going to be SOOO mad!!” says M unnecessarily dramatically

I try and reply rationally. With M this is difficult. He doesn’t get rational.

“Firstly I didn’t tell you earlier because I only just thought of it, and secondly lots of people view flats when they still aren’t vacated, we’ve done it ourselves and thirdly, I LIKE this flat and I don’t WANT to move into a tiny room just because YOU want to move in with K.”

A, of course, was not pissed off [well its hard to tell with A. His emotions are a mystery to me].
He mentioned discreetly when M left the room, that he really didn’t want to move either but M had promised K blah blah blah. Sigh. I knew the drill.

M got even more melodramatic when he sensed that A in spirit agreed with me.

“Like dude, now I feel like I’m the bad guy and like I’m the one making you guys move! Like now even Anders is saying he doesn’t want to move! Like fine then. Fine, A is the one paying the rent fine then we wont move like I don’t have a choice!!” and he ends the tirade like a first rate martyr.

A quickly backs out of this hole and reiterates how much he wants to move.
“No no no he says, I want to move I do. I mean if your not happy here then we will find a place thats better”
Reluctant though it may be, M takes what he can get and is somewhat pacified.

Anyway, A comes downstairs a little bit later and says quietly “Maybe we should have a talk all together, M is really low”

M threw a huge emotional tantrum. He was lying face down on the bed, sulking and didn’t bother to get up when I walked in and sat on the floor. I had asked him earlier if I could use his printer [and pay him a fiver per print], but I realized the offer would now be withdrawn
He seemed to have completely forgotten that only a few weeks earlier he had threatened me with, “Dude, blah blah blah, we, A and I, might not want to live with you if there are these issues again and again blah blah blah nag nag nag”
M seems to have the memory of a goldfish and for the next four hours M, K and A used every cheap attack they could think of to talk me out of staying.

“Dude, like, you don’t know who your moving in with, like what if they are real perverts and like you wake up at night and like this guy sleepwalks into your bed with like a boner!!!” [M suggested this in all earnestness]

K said “Well you’ll be saving some money if you move into a smaller room, and our bills will be smaller” [not true at all]

“Dude, like K and A have all had bad experiences with flatshare, like I’m just telling you as a friend, its like a totally bad idea!!” said M, who was consistently interspersing his remarks between every statement from A and K.

Weary after this marathon attempt at brainwashing, I eventually agreed to see a few more flats until I had made a more concrete decision on Monday.

The one we saw last night is smaller, but brighter less grubby then where I live now. Its slightly further away from the tube, Less storage but doable although a significant increase in rent. Ouch.


I hate moving.


4 thoughts on “More House Moving Mess

  1. very nice art work i do agree. And ya, why do you have to move cause someone else promised someone else.. altho i do agree that living with the unknown is kind of scary… what if they have bad toilet manners or weird quirks or are just plain annoying?? I’m scared for you.

  2. Leo – completley and totally, Did i ever tell you he once told me off for not ‘fluffing’ the living room pillows?Spazm- yeah its scary, I mean in halls i lived with strangers but you had your own little room with a loo and locks and this flat doesnt and yeah its a bit scary and the rent would increase anyway. sigh. I’ve been having bad dreams about moving and been waking up at 5 everymorning. Every summer has been marred by this shit for the past 5 yrs.egghead thanks- I didnt refer to any pictures, although the fish anatomy is 100% accurate so is obviously based on an disection I found online. All the parts of the anatomy are split into 4 seperate pages or layers. [if that makes any sense] however I’ve been diving so dont know if that counts as within but never swam with jellyfish.thats all folks

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