Fundraising Sheet


2 thoughts on “Fundraising Sheet

  1. There was a young guy at workwho was treated like some old jerkThe boss was so vague with requestsThe guy just sat asleep at his deskWhen he went out for some lunchThe boss didn`t care a bunchAnd to amuse himself he looked up a blogBut no good words rhyme with blogAnd he did the word search in a minuteAnd boy it was so easy to finishHe thinks its aimed at 2-8sWell at least that should suit most of his mates..

  2. there were some guys abroadwho every day thanked the lordfor giving them food and drink and a shower, toilet and sink,many times they were ill and scaredof when they were drunk and impairedbut when they thought of homethey realised they were never alonefor they remembered the other friendsand that helped to make amends,so in their hours of needwhen they were beyond the effects of weeddrunk like skunks and sickall acting like alcy pricksthey gave in and went to sleepand listened to uriah heepamen

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