Gazzzzzsjjjjjynooshy [is what it said]

There is the cutest little kitty cat running around my living room right now.
I decided to kidnap him temporarily from the street and it has been purring and walking all over my keyboard.
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww what a little squishy.

I suddenly feel my insides turn to oatmeal mush.
Especially when it stands on my laptop or seems to find the homechoice box strangely curious.

Dammit the cat jumped over the back garden wall.
The ungrateful little shit.


7 thoughts on “Gazzzzzsjjjjjynooshy [is what it said]

  1. It’s a tomcat, what do you expect! You’re lucky you didn’t get pissed upon in anger or spat at. Also, tomcats hate confinement, so there. All the same, I love tomcats.

  2. egghead I get the feeling that you regard yourself as a bit of a tomcat….?harrods sells siamese cats for £750 and chiwahwas for £2550 respectively. Wow. they were cute but fuck, not that cute.hamsters were for only £9 [780 Rs!! for a fucking rat] but they were adorable.yentiiand then i got it wrong so…yxtua

  3. Nono no such thing. I had a tomcat that lived in a basket right outside my door. Quite a cute thing, he was. But then he died and has since remained in my memory 😦

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