2 Interesting Banana’s

It is a strange blogger phenomenon, but for some reason people always comment when you write about food.
Heartbreak, troubles, moving, whatever: The comment world is dead, but chuck in some nonsense about food, and it all stirs up. Very very odd indeed. I can’t explain it.

However, since comments make me indescribably happy in my bland bland world, here is more………..
I have just discovered two highly interesting recipes for banana’s.

Fantastic Invented Recipe 1.]
I developed this recipe, [thats right, developed. with great thought, care, planning and completely self-funded] because I really wanted banana fritters but couldn’t be arsed to actually fry them.

So heres what you do.

1. Buy a banana.
2. Peel it [yes, thats right, you peel it]
3. Stick it in a microwavable bowl.
4. Dump a bunch of sugar on it. Lots of sugar. You want to sugar to caramelize in the microwave.
5. Stick it in for about 30 secs. Maybe 45
6. A really interesting thing happens to the banana in the micro.
7. First all the sugar melts, then the inside of the banana starts to bubble and tiny beads of perspiration appear on its
surface, but it still holds its shape together. However as soon as you turn off the heat the entire thing implodes on itself.
8. But it still tastes fantastic.
9. Trust me. It really does.

Fantastic Experimental Recipe 2.]

1. Buy a banana
2. Peel it [yes, yes you peel it again, you always fucking peel it]
3. Wrap it in cling film.
4. Stick it in a bowl [it doesn’t have to be microwaveable but it helps.]
5. Freeze for 4 hours
6. Remove and eat.
7. Apparently it tastes like banana ice-cream
[a vaguely reliable source said that his sister made him try it and it was surprisingly good.]
8. If you are really adventurous you can freeze it and then try and microwave it and see what happens.

Its Appealing!!


9 thoughts on “2 Interesting Banana’s

  1. note 1 . resent the term ‘vaguely reliable source’, please amend to ‘ground-breaking pioneer of revlutionary banana-related cuisine’.note 2. the useage of the word ‘appealing’ in a highly comical tense relating to that of ‘bananas’, is copyrighted to the ‘charisthinksheisfunnybutreallyisnot’ organisation. Plagiarising from this exceedingly humourous source is a highly insidious thing to do.

  2. actually thats a “completely unreliable source”. a pathological liar who’s parents dropped him on the head.But yet, who has EXCELLENT hair [when its short with no gel]

  3. note 3. DEFINATELY RESENT THE TERM “completely unreliable source, a pathological liar who’s parents dropped him on the head”. Prefer the term(s) , sagacious young boy whose every word that is uttered from his most truthfull of all mouths must be treated with complete legiticamy. (and has excellent hair when its short with no gel)note 4. my parents would never have dropped me on my head as it would have ruined my hair.

  4. dude. when did you get funny and start indulging in wordplay, puns and similar such humour? I’m most impressed. (shall refrain frommaking obvious joke though)

  5. I’m both happy and sorry, to deny all claims to any sudden punster like funniness. The ‘appealing’ and any other puns were entirely from, by and for john Humphrie’s benefit [Also known as CH].So Leo, no, sorry I still cant pun.And humangiant guy: yes I completely sympathize. But at work this is what I listen to all day. In fact in the future a few more might bleed into my blog since I seem to know so many enthusiastic punsters. I’m a total comment whore. Apologies.

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