More Lipstick Eaters

I now know 4 or 5 people leading duplicitous lives.
I don’t mention this with any pride.
For a while it was one,
then two, then three,
now 4 and possibly a fifth.

No. 5 is conflicted and teetering on the edge.

I am occasionally conflicted but I find that guilt keeps me honest. I should have been born a catholic.

Owen was telling me all about being an Irish catholic. Lots of guilt he says. He mentioned recently rediscovering his religion and going to confession. I asked him if you could be absolved via a mobile. He was not amused.

Note to self: Do not mock other peoples religious beliefs.
Unless they are smaller than you and not 6 foot catholic Irishmen.


2 thoughts on “More Lipstick Eaters

  1. Snatches of last night’s dreadful and typo-ridden conversation are coming back to me: I feel compelled to apologise for my ridiculous drunkenness, and apologise if I didn’t make sense. I can’t imagine that I was very coherent.-You Know Who

  2. I just got your voice message on my phone. I must say you have a very sexy husky voice. Work was boring as fuck but that certainly perked me up.While our conversation did indeed have many typos, it made me feel very much at home and you were pretty coherent except when you were abusing some boys you were with. But I’m sure even that was justified.

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