I suspect I’m slowly going deaf. This worries me a little.

Most of the time people don’t say things I want to listen to, but the other day my ex called and said what either could have been:

“We need to work out together”

i.e context: exercise, we had talked about getting fat 5 minutes earlier


“We need to work out a way to be together”

i.e context: our relationship


“We need to work out a way to be together when we’re not together”

i.e context: not a fucking clue

I have no idea which one could be the right one.

One was about losing weight, one about the current state of our relationship (volatile), and the third one just baffles me completely.

So in regard to all three misheard statements, I could only say



I was on the phone with James the other day, who happens to be a very proper English boy, but I sometimes find what he says very difficult to follow.

I feel like I’m missing a few carvings on a Rosetta stone.

At one point I wasn’t even sure it was English.


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