How ecstatic was I to discover, not only was Mr. Wahabu “BORN GIFTED” but his identical twin, Mr. Yaseen of Brixton is as well.


9 thoughts on “Mr. Yaseen! ANOTHER FOR THE COLLECTION!!

  1. separated at birth, maybe? or did yaseen see wahabu’s card and decide to save some money on copywriters?maybe it’s wahabu moonlighting. i think you should go see yaseen and investigate.

  2. if wahabu says nobody can beat wahabu and yaseen says nobody can beat yaseen, i think it might be interesting to the two of them against each other. like ultimate scam-shaman mortal kombat. oooo, i get chills down my spine just thinking about it.

  3. Lets just say that it his surname Wahubu and its the same person – and he is so un real and not fake but god honest true… I was amazed when I went and saw him…

    He can honestly help you in any situation… Give him a call and see for yourselves… But remember everything comes at a price!

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