I only do my laundry if I’ve run out of socks.

Unfortunately I now have 3 drawers full of socks.
So I only end up doing my laundry once a month.


5 thoughts on “I only do my laundry if I’ve run out of socks.

  1. sheeee. Anyway about you’re Hritik post – i was chatting with Egghead online and he sent me the links. I was shocked that actually they do look a little alike – i can imagine if you like the Jedi, that you might want to block something so horrific out – but really dude, look at ’em. Except for Hritiks icky long jaw they do look alike.. a little.. sorry about that.I’m now horribly concerned with my spellings for fear i will offend leo… :((((

  2. We sat at a round tableAll young, youthful & able,Drinking wine and eating pizzaWith a miserable waiter called lisa,She smirked at every orderBut Janine still adored her,I sat and stared at postersWhile Rohini sat and boasted,Of her skill at finding placesAnd all the sexy ladies,At the convent in the Himalayas,Where all the clergy were players.Anon 1837

  3. I’m always up for partying but i prefer to reserve my precious pee for a nice clean loo. Finally moved thank fucking god. will have internet in 5 days. The count down begins. day 4.

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