Updates at long last.

Some time ago Leo published an article about my poofter flatmates Monty and Anders. The article was about homophobia and how his opinions changed as he a actually spent time with this gay couple.

Unfortunately Monty missed the point completely and merely picked up on the fact that Leo commented on him prancing around the flat in pink underwear and that Anders was reported as the main bread winner [all true].

Obviously, this touched some nerves.
No one wants to read that they are ‘kept housewives in flashy panties’ whatever greater point you might be making about gender roles.

And although I personally found it to be an amusing article, a wider audience of gay men read it and were extremely offended [on Monty’s behalf of course]. Monty’s straight friends who read it in Mumbai were offended. Anders friends were offended.

Basically everyone except me was offended. Perhaps if Leo had been making judgments on my choice of lifestyle I might have been equally upset but who knows? I might have just enjoyed all the attention.

So I listened to Monty’s tirade against Leo last week.

“Like dude, you’re like, defending him cause like, he’s your friend but like dont tell ME its not offensive!! Like, ALL of my friends in Bombay, and I mean ALL OF THEM, now totally hate him. And like Ishaan was like, totally horrified anyone who stayed with us could write something like that! I mean they all said that it was like, totally disrespectful to me and from a guest who stayed with us for like 6 months as well!”

Needless to say, if he ever comes back to London, Monty has informed me that the new flat is “too small and we probably couldn’t put anyone up again for that long”

Partly this is true. Its a 3 bed flat, quite small, one loo and shared by roughly 6 people at all times. My ex, Kurt’s current, M & A. Any more people and tempers will flare. However I suspect the article hasn’t endeared Leo with the poofs either.


5 thoughts on “Updates at long last.

  1. holy crap. is he still on about that? You know, when i first showed it to him, before all his friends told him they it was insulting, he quite liked it. sheesh, what a fickle, fickle man. sigh.

  2. hmm, i’d like to see the list of people leo has offended in 10 years time purely through what he wrote.. so far the list includes that sanjay gupta person and ur flatmate. May the list carry on growing!p.s dentistry sucks

  3. does this mean your flat is too small only for Leo or are others (me, mainly) still allowed to come live with you? And oh by the way, Gaurav Heble is going to call you sometime at the end of this month coz he’s going to be in London and might want to meet up for drinks or something.

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