Desert Island

It has been 28 days and 5 hours since I have been stranded without the internet.

I have traveled many many miles to send this message out into the vast unknown and now I can only pray to Zarathushtra that someone will read it.

It has been a long and arduous journey and I shall find myself isolated still, when I return to ‘the Island’. In this technology barren place paper is the only thing I have to scrawl on.

Oh it is so lonely.
No email.
No comments.
No msn
No lurve.

I find myself having long drawn out conversations with a tennis ball.
I have named this ball Jeff.
Jeff is my friend.


11 thoughts on “Desert Island

  1. Could somebody please help me, since my departure from ACME Balls and co, i had harboured many a great ambition to become a tennis-ball of great stature and significance. I had envisaged that i would be ‘strutting my spherical stuff’ on the courts of wimbledon or possibly the miami open. Instead i find myself to be the ‘unwanted’ conversational counterpart of a girl from Mumbaii who has christened me (presuming i am a christian) Jeff. She tells me (endlessly) that she lacks many to talk to, and has decided forthwith that i can and will fill this void for her. unfortunately, she talks to me at great length about things i can not possibly understand or comprehend because of the fact i am a mere tennis ball (a fact she seems oblivious to) the truth of the matter is i long for the companionship of other balls. A football, a volley-ball, a snooker-ball or even to a lesser extent, a bowling ball. so i am appealing, if there are any balls out there that are feeling constrained in the same way i am, please make contact with me (jeff the tennis-ball)as i fear she has me by the ball.

  2. i’ve had pakistanis tampering with me for their own personal gain and now i’m the subject of a media circus.. Ah, ’tis so lonely when one is famous, if only i had someone to be with…

  3. I used to be a ball bearing once upon a time. Life was goody-good then. Many a time I was dabbed in grease and all I did was go round and round and round. My job was that of a lubricant: to ease friction between moving parts. Life was oh-so-good. Fantastic even. Though, the inevitable was waiting to happen.I lost my bearings one stormy night. Now I remain a ball. A ball is what I am and a ball is what I shall be. A shadow of the past. A ghost for all of eternity. Oh what I would give to be happy again. Excuse me now while I go take a piss.

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