Lastest project: Belle Gray

This lady called Kate contacted me to design her a logo, postcards and business cards for a clothes boutique called ‘Belle Gray’. I have to constantly stop myself from calling her ‘Belle’ in my emails and phone calls.

Kate also told me to ask her mother to put the phone down and let me leave a voice mail since Mum apparently gets names and messages completely wrong. I called her mother, forgot all of Kate’s instructions and stammeringly asked for Belle. Her mother was confused to say the least.

Here’s what I’ve done about halfway.





4 thoughts on “Lastest project: Belle Gray

  1. Hi, this is completly random but you should try and get your hands on the Griffin and Sabine trilogy. It’s a novel… well not quite.. yea it is… but ohh.. you should check out the art and just the way it is done… if you haven’t already. Oh and i met Leo in person – he is not half the bitch he seems to be. Quite nice he is actually… I apologised for spelling wrong and he suggested i should use MS Word to compose my comments… But i can’t be bothered. ūüė¶

  2. yeah leo is a ice guy these days. in fact bitch isnt accurate at all.its much more accurate for me. or even moody bitch.griffin and sabine yes i’ve seen the postcard book its really beautiful [is that the right one? the guy who sends handmade postcards to sabine?]

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