More Chaos in the Bawa House.

A law ought to be passed, whereby no one should ever be woken up before 10:30 on a sunday, at the very earliest, punishable by a good lashing. Last Sunday Riddhi called me at the ungodly hour of 7:50 am, for which she should have been whipped twice. I hastily sneak out of bed, whispering a hello into the phone, so as not to wake the slumbering beast, but after about 30 seconds all my considerations went out the window and I began yelling and swearing, both of which were accompanied by some disturbing heart palpitations.

An article I was stupidly convinced to write had been published, and I had assumed even more stupidly that when they said it would remain anonymous, thats what they meant. This was not quite the case and I had also seriously underestimated my parents.

She tells me, in a voice sounding as panicked as I feel, that my Dad had just messaged her and requested she call back urgently. She assumed it must be the contents this article.

“No no I insist,” ever the optimist, “it must be something else. Call him back and then call me immediately.”

Within 5 minutes she does.

It is not good news.

I extremely carelessly okayed one of my drawings along with the article. If I had waved a big rainbow flag while yodeling loudly I could not have made the whole damn thing more visible to my folks.

Soon after Riddhi calling, my brother sends a text saying it was a good thing they already sent my fees since my father was going to jump off Rajabai towers. For some reason I assume its from Riddhi and reply back saying “Don’t joke I’m freaking out what the f*** do I do??”

For the next few hours I had a very rotten morning. I wrote a stinker to the editor, yelled at Riddhi some more, and paced around a lot while intermittently re-reading my article again only to propel myself into a massive panic attack.

My parents eventually called, I ignored their calls until I had a few cups of tea under my belt and some more pacing. Anyway good news is, a heart attack was averted and all has calmed down.

[I hope.]

I never learn do I? Fucking nitwit thats what.


2 thoughts on “More Chaos in the Bawa House.

  1. I feel the same way when someone realises the bad ad that was published was mine :(( Oh and by the way, thats exactly the Griffin and Sabine i was talking about.. they are fabulous.. I just did a lay out, drew a chicken and wrote the bodycopy for an ad i am doing… I am so multi-faceted.

  2. you should put your ads up on your blog. i’m very curious about the chicken now.yeah i love griffen and sabine. there’s another book called the republic of dreams and postcards from the basque country [not the same artist as griffen] but very beautiful books

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