Whining About Freelance Work

This freelance thing I’m doing (and I might add, fingers crossed, actually get paid for) is really cringe worthy stuff.

I was thinking about it on the long bus ride home. Long because 2 kids got shot in a nearby McDonalds, and it made me a bit ill thinking about it. (The work, not the McDonalds)

I mean its bad enough that I’m using Adobe Illustrator, which at the best of times can make anyone’s work (who’s not an expert), look absolutely mediocre, but on top off all that, out of all the 8 or so tastefully colored images, this lady insisted on this bright trashy pink for the background.

Now don’t get me wrong bright pink can be a beautiful colour when used in moderation.

However when the entire background is plastered in it, it just cheapens the whole thing.

I seriously debated whether or not I ought to tell this woman this. I really feel that as a decision, hers was an extremely bad one (I’m an arrogant prick I know, I know)

The ex talked me down and managed to re-word my email in a much more diplomatic way, instead of saying

“Your boutique flyer will look like an ad for a brothel”,

she used sentences like

“The background overpowers the logo”


“The previous layout might suit the boutique better from your brief”

Of course, the freelance lady completely ignored my suggestions. Out of all the designs I did for her, she picked the dullest and most tedious ones without fail, every single time.

(Alright, so I guess she wanted something more corporate and not fun but in her initial brief she said wanted something Lulu Guinness-ish, which I might add is much more girly and fun)

Deranged comments preferred

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