In the good old days,

When my mother could only type with one finger and needed to have written instructions on a piece of paper explaining how one turns on the computer, [Press green button, press screen button, wait for 8.6 minutes. Click ‘start’.]

(“Its too complicated darling, I can’t do it…”
“What do you mean its complicated??? It’s not complicated, It’s so simple, just switch it on and press start!!!”)

She would write me an email on regular ol’ retro paper [you know, that thing they make out of tree-juice and write on with this dark stuff you squeeze out of a rod. Very odd process really]

My dad would then scan it and then email it to me as a jpeg

I thought this was a novel way of merging the old and the new.
If he had scanned an envelope it would have been perfect.


2 thoughts on “Retro

  1. I was going to comment on this post yesterday but then you pulled it off entirely and I forgot what I wanted to say in the first place hence now I must make the most of my amnesia and at least tell you that once I had something in mind when the time was ripe and conducive and all the stars praised my eloquence with many a twinkle to my stellar surprise and flightless fancy.

Deranged comments preferred

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