Game Play

I love secret mind games.

These are the kind of games you play with random strangers although neither party will acknowledge that they’re playing.

For example on certain tube lines, where the compartment doors will open is clearly marked on the platform [i.e. The Jubilee Line] . So everyone just stands around in a pack and waits.

However on older lines [which are much more fun] the platform is just one long unbroken stretch and it turns into an invisible mental game with the other commuters of “Who can guess where the tube doors will open?”

I’ve been getting quite good at this.

The closer you get to estimating where the door will open the more likely you are to scoring a seat. [main doors are better but side doors give you the option of 2 compartments]

But thats a different game….


5 thoughts on “Game Play

  1. was looking at your blog and read the piece about ‘mind games’. i found this most pleasing as i too engage in such fun games. Infact i often played the ‘train one’ with my cousin Bombo. He is a simpileton from a neighbouring village to mine and hence had never seen a train before. So as you can imagine this game was made doubly exciting for him. We would spend many an exhilarating weekend playing this ‘mind-game’ on the subway; until one fateful day when tradgedy befell Bombo. Unfortuantely he got too close to in exicited anticipation as to where the doors would open. The train struck him and consequentially he lost his left arm and his left leg: but not to worry he’s all ‘right’ now. We do still play these games together but it has never quite been the same.

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