Misty Mountain Top

I loathe MySpace.
It has by far one of the worst layouts I have ever had the misfortune to lay my eyes on in the history of the internet.
Not to mention a bunch of wannabe pop stars spamming randomly so you can “Be their friend”

No, I do NOT want to be your friend. Please, Fuck off and die. Thank you.


Leo have you noticed how both Riddhiness and Mane have identical taste in blog pages with cheesy photo captions like “Misty Mountain Top” [which of course is a picture of a …………yea thats right, you got it…..a misty mountain top]

So I must ask the question, are Mane and Riddhi clairvoyantly connected?
Or are they merely dating while having eerily similar blog entries?

  • Mane: Mumbai Manifested
  • Riddhiness Blog
  • ———————————————

    After investigating the Mane-Riddhiness Mistri Mystery, I have belatedly discovered that Mumbai Manifested is some kind of collaboration. So I must exempt Mane of any credit for the cheesy captions. Its all Riddhness’s I’m sure


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