the 3 flirting steps

I have a friend who’s flirtation technique is flawless.

Her 3 killer steps:

a. The hair toss: flip hair from the shoulder without using your hands
b. Applying lip gloss: [do it gracefully with one of those applying brushes] and then bite your lips gently.
c. VERY IMPORTANT: Batting of the eyes: Look down, then look up again without raising your chin.

it may all sound cheesy but I’ve seen it floor a fairy. Trust me.

But really I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. I have never tried any of the above 3 steps.

a. I have crappy hair
b. I bite my lips in a neurotic, nervous way as opposed to a sultry sexy way.
c. I’m too blind to bat my eyes effectively.

This has deeply depressed me now.

I think I shall just stick with cleavage.


Deranged comments preferred

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