What is it about bugs?

I was reading a blog entry by someone called Spazms Chasms [who she really is, I have no clue] about ants and it made me suddenly reminisce about all the enjoyable bug-eating times I had as a child.

I had been informed that ants provided a great source of calcium.

So I sat outside in the sun, wetting my finger and dabbing at passing ants, like a large, pasty chameleon.
They tasted a bit like chalk, I thought critically at the time. But I attributed this to the fact that I was eating them one by one instead of wholesale.

I recall a long time ago, I saw a beggar ant being attacked by a soldier. I decided to back the under-dog and rescue the poor beggar.

I picked up a tiny stick, to beat off this mean soldier, but no matter what I did, or how I tried to separate them, that soldier was unshakable. He just bit the beggars leg and just wouldn’t let the damn thing go. For 15 mins, I tried every possible means of prying its jaws open with no luck.

Eventually, to my chagrin, I managed to accidentally decapitated the soldier ant, but STILL the bastards jaws were clamped tight around the beggar. So he just had to limp off with this head hanging off his leg. In human terms that would look quite weird I imagine.

Good story no? [No]

However I found out after that, that beggar ants are sortof like highway men. While the soldiers are the helpful, loyal, contributing workers of their colony.

This is why I no longer meddle.


2 thoughts on “What is it about bugs?

  1. Ok first of all it’s Spazsim Chasm.. not Spazms Chasms – which doesn’t sound like anything by the way… Secondly.. I would love to meet you, and since you are coming for xmas, it may be an option.. cause i have no idea who you are either. Thirdly, why would you want to meddle with ants, or have them coated in chocolate? Also, I would like to thank you for eating my arch-enemies, especially since i do everything in my power to eliminate as many of these hideous creatures as possible… you do your bit too.. I loved the part about the decapitated ant and all.. so i assume the story had a happy ending…

  2. sorry sorry spazsim chasm. by the way what does it mean?and yes we should meet when I’m down in dec it will be fun. i can no longer hide behind the convenience of virtual realityI’m quite fond of ants really. they seem so sweet. I’m surprised your so scared. i figure roaches are so much worse. dirty too.

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