A brief spat in the kitchen today

M of course was involved.
This time however it was K he was having a nag at.

K’s patience is wearing very thin and he attacked M back, requesting politely of course, that he get the fuck off his back.

I tried talking some reason into M.

He lives with other people. He has to be slightly flexible, compromise just a teeny weeny bit.

But it just boiled down to more emotional blackmail.

This argument, I am thrilled to document, was over what brand of loo roll and bin liners to buy.
M would prefer K bought a particular brand.



3 thoughts on “A brief spat in the kitchen today

  1. so kurt moving in has been a good thing for you. at least now it isn’t two against one anymore. by thw way, someone found my blog by googling “neeraj is ugly”

  2. you think that’s bad–psycho ex flatmate and i were engaged in power play over boiled water. ie, i boiled it, she drank it and then “forgot” to boil anymore and then charged into my room at three in the morning saying, “dude, there’s no water.” but wait. it gets WORSE.. after this, when i tell her exactly what she has to do to procure said water (put kettle under tap, fill it up, plug it in) she says, “oh water isn’t REALLY boiled till you do it a couple of times AT LEAST.” aargh. i’m so glad we finally chased her away. oh, and fyi: http://ihatemyflatmate.blogspot.comjust in case you haven’t already seen it. 🙂

  3. leo: I don’t believe that because I tried it and nada, but if you go to google and type in “failure” and then click “I’m feeling lucky” you get to the official Whitehouse page.yes Kurt is as fed up as I am. he just sat down and said he wanted to have a word with M about last nights asinine argument. I tried talking him out of it. After living with M long enough I have realized that he is entirely and completely without reason. eM: your ex flatmate sounds a lot like mine. We also engaged in power play over water boiling and even more vitally, water filtration. M cant bear to have unfiltered water in the kettle. God forbid he might have to decalcify it in a couple of months. argh is about right.ihatemyflatmate is hilarious. I feel her pain.

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