Hairline Fracture

The other day, when it was my turn to clean [once every 4 weeks only THANK GOD] I was listening to this great song I had only just realized existed [Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode].

Unfortunately my ipod earphones kept getting caught in the cabinet door handles so every time I turned, my neck was yanked back viciously.
So while trying to avoid all this, and still listen to the song, AND clean at the same time, I somehow managed to pull a pile of plates from the drying rack and whack them really hard on the side of my eyebrow.

Fortunately I was gifted with naturally dark circles [yes its true] so the bruise wasn’t too visible but it hurt like heck.

Three days later it still hurts and I can feel a tiny odd bump in the bone that might be a hairline fracture. This makes me rather proud I must say. I don’t know why exactly.


Deranged comments preferred

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