Mr. Ilyaaz

Collections are strangely addictive things.

Whenever I see one of these things lying around on the ground, discarded and ignored, it gives me this electrifying thrill and I pounce on it as if I had just found a five pound note.

Or perhaps even a ten I might say.


4 thoughts on “Mr. Ilyaaz

  1. a tenner? you can’t be serious. maybe you should see a cure for this strange affliction. maybe you should see mr. ilyaaz. after all, “there is no human difficulty that can’t solve with quick, fast and efficient results to your problems no matter what your problems are”.Wow. there’s so much wrong with the grammar in that sentence i don’t know where to begin. incidentally, my count of anality (analness? analgiri?) vis a vis grammar/spelling making a difference in people’s lives has now doubled to two.

  2. haha i don’t know why, it might be all the weed, but I’m finding stuff hugely funny right now. specifically your comment and this guys blog. its so true. love him now. but I’m pretty sure thats all the drugs talkingi wish i could get help from Mr. Ilyaaz but seeing all the flyers in his apartment might only spur me on.thirdly your anal count has been up to 6 a long time ago. 2 my ass

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