Le Gun

Went into the Le Gun studios this morning to drop off some drawings to be re scanned. They were kind enough to offer to have someone pick them up but I figured I could use high res scans since mine were pretty shit.

Their studio is in Bethnal green, and something of a trek to get to. It is a very VERY arty-farty studio, both creative and chaotic. Books, reference drawings, pin-ups, doodles, inks, paints, pens, scanners, model heads with fake mustaches, scribbles, notes, design books, postcards and posters on the walls, a piece of cardboard taped up that said “ULTRA PLUS NORMAL” framed and finished work, comics, scraps of paper, easels, macs and other miscellaneous junk lying around everywhere. Someone was doing a massive massive drawing of a bear and dog fight [Black & white]. It looked spectacular.

I couldn’t stop looking around and it was hard to restrain myself from being incredibly nosy.

I realized then, that I haven’t enough detailed work by far. [only 4-5 good ones ] I felt rather inadequate. I needed to do more, I said to myself. I’ve got to get cracking instead of fucking blogging really.


Deranged comments preferred

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