Note about kids:

I’d just like to state for the record:

I’m not pro-abortion, I’m just anti-population.


6 thoughts on “Note about kids:

  1. i love you!did u know abortion is not legal in Mexico? no wonder…..From now on i will leave a stupid comment on your blog i dont want you to get into the drining habit, not good! see ya next week, i hate drawing club or maybe this weekend.besos

  2. having just read your recent post i was wondering whether you would possibly consider joining in me in a little ‘pact’. For you see i too am very much ‘anti-population’. People do very much annoy me, and i would be glad to be rid of most of them, and the fact it appears that only the inane are willing to procreate simply means that there will more and more people in lesser and lesser space. Hence i was wondering (innocently) whether you would condsider commiting suicide on my behalf so that i would be able to have a little more space available to me. Please dont take any sinister meaning into my request, for there is no animosity in its words. Its just that since you appear to be a fellow ‘grumbler’, you would understand my point of view on this matter. Following your (sad)demise, i would use that opportunity to utilise all the space that you had vacated. I would ramble at a greater pace, i would not have to que as long as i once did for things, and there would be more room for me to stretch my legs. By undertaking this ulimate sacrifce you would have made a person very happy just by creating a ‘little room’. I inturn (after considerable time)will also commit suicide as make room for another that shall benefit from my space filled absence. And we together as kindred spirits in our hatred for others involved in ‘population’ will have made the world a far better and more importantly a more spacious place to live in.

  3. yeah i have heard, thats just seriously infuriating. I hate these fucking pro-life idiots. luckily india has such a crushing over population crisis the government practically encourages abortion [practically, not literally]and to you cclj- i cannot agree to your request. it goes against my policy of self harm and also just to annoy you i’d like to stick around

  4. i respect the fact you have a ‘policy’ against self-harm. I on the other hand do not (have u seen how much gel i put in my hair?…potentially fatal ive been told)so i will go through with my side of the pact, and do the over populated world a favour and ‘do myself in’. And i shall ask the recipiant of my hairy and flabby vacated space to comment on this here blog. also.. i signed the previous comment as ‘not who you think it is’, a cleverly disguised way of alluding to the small possibilty that it is not always me writing this crap. you obviously took this as ‘exactly who i think it is’.please refrain from doing this as it makes me sound predictably predictable.

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