8 thoughts on “Window

  1. Is this one of your pieces? I love it. I received your postcard today by the way. It is lovely. Thank you. Now you have to guess who I am. Hahaheeehee.

  2. Anon: I seriously can’t guess.Once again: Fernanda: When do i ever get annoyed by comments? [unless its from amol] I love all the bollocks but sometimes nice and simple is just fine. no it was just from the spaces sketch book project

  3. oh haha yes i did mean to say before i got distracted, that I will happily send you a handmade postcard but you will need to reciprocate. Its fun but takes some effort.also ‘blog guy’ is just convenient when i compose a mail and forget your address, so i cant either type in ‘once again’ or ‘blog’ or ‘guy’ and your email will pop up. reasonable no?

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