Fiddling Around and Tantrum Throwing Guitarists

Foz deeply objects to the word ‘fiddling’ when it comes to drawing,

[He has also said he HATES the use of graph paper, INSTANT ART fucking bollocks!],

But I don’t see how mucking about in a sketchbook isn’t fiddling. If you really want to be poncy, I guess you could call it ‘experimentation’.

Sure sure whatever. “Oh yaaas I’ve been doing some fabulous experimentation. I raahlly think they work well together. It’s raahlly taking my work to the next level, haw haw haw nyer”

Athier apparently was really upset and offended after yesterdays crit. He felt we didn’t contribute enough feedback but when we did he didn’t like it. Foz wasn’t harder on him than anyone else but he doesn’t seem to handle suggestions [i.e criticism] well at all. He was quite defensive and ended with throwing a little hissy fit and muttering “Next week I wont bother coming in at all”
Well he barely does anyway and stop being such a big baby Athier.

Oh Lord, said Maria

“Its them things that are what MAness is about”


4 thoughts on “Fiddling Around and Tantrum Throwing Guitarists

  1. There was a man at a deskWho seemed to work less and lessHe surfed the net moreLooked at Janine`s art storeSent texts and made callsAnd drank tea and made toast(Ok not really toast)But generally did bugger allThen his boss from LAStarted work for the dayAnd the man was at ease no moreHe sent lots of post, emails and allReceived calls and didn`t sleep at allHe dreamed of blues greatsLike BB and Etta JamesAnd drifted off into a world of guitars and smokeAnd when it came time to leave and go homeHe was already there at on a stool at the blues bar alone.

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