General Whining:

My back is breaking. After being both motivated and nagged by Foz during yesterdays crit, I decided I would be proactive. [Foz’s nagging is phenomenal stuff]. So I spoke to Douglas, the printmaking guy, about if it was possible to photo etch or somehow make my biro drawings into prints.

“I don’t mean to discourage you, but the time it took you to learn how to draw like that with biro is how long it’ll take you to learn how to etch well” My heart sank with a audible thud.

He basically said that I wouldn’t get that kind of tone with etching or drypoint, and silkscreen would need to be halftone processed [those dots prints in old comic books].

So here the plan:

1.] Tint my outline sketch with watercolors and then shade on top with biro.

2.] Also photocopy the entire drawing so that I can use the outline for silkscreen prints.

The problem is:

I wont be able to start shading, because I can either [a] shade it with the watercolour tints or I can [b] silkscreen the colour and the outlines and then shade that.

But DEFINITELY DEFINITELY no fucking way hose can I do both.

Goddamnit I hate decisions.

So heres the alternative plan:

Try out the water colours on a small drawing or photocopies and see how it goes. If I like it, thats what I’ll do for the entire drawing.

But I like the silkscreen idea too. Dammit J! Stop being so fucking indecisive. Pick one for fucks sake.

Ed suggested I use Chinese watercolour inks so I trekked all the way to China town, all on my own, in the icy cold, with my laptop and massive bag crushing my poor back and my huge folder swatting hapless passers by…. Isn’t this a wonderful sob story? Anyway I found the little shop selling art stuff and inks and paints. Ed told me to look for a shop called “Gung ho” which made me giggle, but was actually called Guanghwa. [Those British]

Close by is the New Loon Moon Supermaket. The home of the strange and wonderful [food products] from all over Asia. I bought enough instant noodles and instant miso soup to last me till the end of winter. Finally battered and bruised and tired I began the long long long journey home. I was forced to stand the entire way.

NOW IF I HAD BEEN FUCKING PREGNANT some idiot or another would have offered me a seat, but even though I’m carrying the same amount of weight [if not more] EQUALLY VOLUNTARILY there seems to be some kind of massive divide between regular hard working women and all the slags that get themselves knocked up. [Boy thats unnecessarily harsh but fuck man I’m cranky].

The last leg of the journey, on the bus up Brixton hill is possibly the worst. Probably because I’m so close but not home yet.

I spent too much time typing and all my noodles went soggy.

The instructions on the packet read:
“Remove from heat, put soup base well and serve after empty flakes packet”



2 thoughts on “General Whining:

  1. Is Chinatown in London a strange place with strange people? The Chinatown in NYC certainly is! The ex and I got kicked out of a store because he had his arm around me. The store clerk shrieked, ‘Whee don doo that in thees stoh! Please you goh out!.’I love Chinatown.

  2. Well Chinatown is right next to Soho the gay area so I think they’re pretty used to oddity and drag queens and butch girls and all the in-between gay types wandering around. I know a girl who got told off by a cabbie in Bombay for making out with her boyfriend. but not thrown out of a shop. wow how weird.

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