White Rabbit

Oh no Oh no!

I’m late!

For college.

Goodness Gracious.

DUTIES OF THE DAY: [as the queen might say..]

a] 1 black permanent marker

b] 3 A1, and 3 A4 sheets of true grain [or true grey?]

c] draw outline

d] scan sketch and outline

e] make silkscreen booking


9 thoughts on “White Rabbit

  1. The queen says duties of the day? Interesting. I learn something new every day.so who does she say this to? or does she have it painted up in red and gold and put outside the palace?

  2. There was a drunk at a deskWho asked his phone out for a drinkWhen she declinedHe picked up her behindAnd never heard her call out againCan you draw some funny sketches if I write some funny poems?

  3. A besotted fan of the blues,She loved one more than the restHe sang and drank and wrote some tunesLike one of the very best.His fan adored him to such an extentThat her face lit up in a glow,She danced and swayedAs he sang and playedSweat dripping on the brow.Did he ever know of the affection heldOne thinks maybe he did,But she`ll never speak, will remain back in the shadows,For if she does, the magic`s lostAnd he is a mere mortal fellow…Last one ever!

  4. lex’s poems are excellent. keep them coming lex. leo is damn jealous your not leaving him poems on your blog. I can see the little green monster on his shoulder whining.

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