The sad, cold loser I have become

It is 21:38 pm on a Saturday night and I have come home from work to do [avoid] ‘homework’.

I ought to be out partying at the Blues Bar or some trendy gay club where all the boys look like girls and all the girls look like boys and they all sing along to Kylie.

What is happiness?
Illustrate and NO cliches.


On a side note:
Is it wrong to be filled with a deep, burning envy that

  • The Compulsive Confessor
  • gets more comments than seems humanly possible on a blog?


    I was never cool in school.


    14 thoughts on “The sad, cold loser I have become

    1. reading you blog makes me happy!saturday night im at home too, what’s sad about that….i know tomorrow everyone will be feeling crap and i will be up early morning (7am i guess) cleaning the house and doing some worknice nice nice…cant wait

    2. His posts are too long for my attention span. He’s probably forcing his friends to pretend they read them. Or it’s some sort of a therapy group and commenting on his blog is part of the programme.

    3. your getting up at 7 to clean? are you mental?I’m getting up at 10 to clean.alltagssplitter: well she is very funny if you do read her posts and obviously has many many many Delhite fans.

    4. i wasn’t either if it makes you feel any better. and your comments are much more entertaining. 🙂oh, and just thought i’d clarify–i’m a SHE. :)last time i checked anyway.

    5. ur getting up to clean, isnt that mental enough !? [i like the word mental]and i like yer blog.also, being home on a sat nite is much better than being in an aeroplane, circling around Mumbai cuz theres no friggin landing space. But I must confess, all the circling in the air and having nothing to do, does give one the opportunity to evaluate and bitch out fellow travellers to one’s heart content.

    6. eM yes i did correct alltags as to your gender [amazingly just as you left your comment, pipping me to the post]. Boy there is a lot of gender confusion on this blog.yes i guess cleaning is mental. [i avoid it as much as i can] but its only once every 4 weeks so its too bad. after much debate and fighting and screaming and yelling [mostly from monty] we now have a rota.on the other hand looking out of a plane window is great bun? bun? I mean fun.i was thinking of making that an animationdid you know that a hoover sounds exactly like a plane from the inside? do i record sound on this thing?perhaps i should have some tea before i cleani have no attention span

    7. thats not Mansha’s line. It was a silkscreen print of graffiti in a kebab shop window by some artist based on something else. anyway its all its very derivative. secondly i was not cool in school, i just was a lot cooler than you thats all.which isn’t saying a lot, really

    8. So I might take reading her blog as my daily exercise in focusing on something that doesn’t come in 5 sec soundbites 🙂(No, sorry, I only had a quick look.)

    9. I think…you should comment as nicely and prolifically as you have done today, but ONLY on my blog. [funny tho eM may be]I praise your lack of focus.I share it and sympathize

    10. She’s right, it’s not my line, it’s Ben Folds’ line, from the fucking wonderful song, Underground:“I was never cool in schoolI’m sure you don’t remember meand now it’s been ten yearsI’m still wondering who to beand I love to mix in circles,cliques and social coteries,that’s mehand me my nosering(can we be happy?)show me the mosh pit(can we be happy?)we can be happyunderground…”Anyway, I’m having real trouble believing that a unpretentiously eccentric and naturally idiosyncratic character like you was not cool in school. Now I REALLY wasn’t cool.

    11. haha I find it highly amusing that you think 14-15 year old girls are that accepting.One girl I knew cried while watching this Aishwarya Rai movie where she’s arranged to marry some guy while in love with some other guy who runs off to Europe. So then her hubby takes her all over Europe to find him and FINALLY after much singing in Switzerland and dancing in Denmark they actually locate the bum, she decides “Nahi nahi! I will be gud girl and stay with arranged hubby darling for family and all that.” and this girl [lets just call her Shweta] she fucking cried!! these were my friends… fuck man.And i also ditched a girl on the local train. Apparently this was damn bad form. So I was kicked out of the little girly social club. Leo however was very pally pally with the older ‘cool’ kids who now work for channel V styling or doing other trendy type things and he goes out mwah mwahing everyone and cries “Oh I’m so unpopular wah wah no body loves me I have no girls wah wah”what a shameless fraudster. he just loves the outcast-unloved-dying-tragically-in-the-gutter-writer look.

    12. Jesus titty fucking Christ, I remember that movie: hold the line (dun dun dun…love isn’t always on time!), wasn’t that the one in which she was simply insufferable, and I mean, JUST intolerable, bloody petulant beauty queen cunt. THAT’S IT! Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. I cannot believe Shweta cried in this movie, I remember watching it just thinking, “Why is the bitch running around in saris with that jamadaar Ajay Devgan?”. More like Hum Chutiya Bun Chuke Sanam. And Leo has absolutely no excuse to behave the way he does, he is so shagadelic and knows it too but insists on being purposely mayoos because he knows the most important thing about being a writer: NO WRITERS ARE HAPPY. The prerequisite is to be inconsolably morose; now I fit this mould perfectly and have all the valid credentials – I know no trendy styling people or movie makers or rich dilettantes, no one wants to fuck me, everyone I know hates me (really).Leo is such a chutiya. [Errr, can you read this then delete it so he doesn’t see it? He’s coming to stay with me in February and I want things to be as harmonious as possible :).]

    13. I ASSURE you Shweta did cry her little Punjabi eyes out.In fact I recall making stupid remarks [not as funny as Hum Chutiya Bun Chuke Sanam] so she asked someone to switch seats with her so she could cry without any distractions.hahaha don’t worry Leo adores all the attention. but i don’t know about the shagadelic bit. Shaggy maybe, shagadelic who can say?

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