My flesh is strong but my will is asthmatic

The Book Art Fair is a real test of willpower.

Of which I have little,

Which can be problematic since I have equally little dosh.

ROOM 1:- I wander through it, perusing and giggling a little when I come across an amusing book. Or perhaps mumbling in awe as I come across an inspiring one.

My will is strong, “Do I really need a postcard of florescent Mexican skulls?” I ask myself sternly as my hand inches its way closer and closer to my wallet. “Be still!! Naughty naughty hand” I say and smack it hard

I am fortunate that many of the books are priced so far beyond my budget I cannot even be tempted.

3:30 pm and all is well.

ROOM 1:- 3:52 pm
I see postcards that are hand drawn with little pull-outie things on them. “FIFTY PENCE EACH OR £5 FOR EIGHT” the handmade sign says both proudly and humbly. My hand has made it all the way down to the bottom of my pocket and instead of pulling out a few mere pence, no, indeed it finds FOUR pound coins, TWO ten pence coins and ONE twenty pence coin.

Seeing all this money IMMEDIATELY goes to my head.
I purchase two postcards promptly.

But I pat myself on the shoulder, “You’ve only spent a pound. That’s damn good considering how much rot you bought last year..” I say smugly [only to myself of course]

I stay well away from Mark Pawson’s table. He is priced far too low and I am far too gullible. [besides, he’s a twat and I already got a book and 2 postcards from him last year.]

ROOM 1:- 4:06 pm
Some has priced a handmade greeting card at 3 pounds. I have three gleaming pounds rattling in my pocket. “No hand! No!”
But its too late. I purchase it.

It all goes downhill from there

ROOM 2:- Witnessed some frantic, mad, impulse buying. Without a care in the world to my bank balance.

All my will is gone.

ROOM 3:- 5:02 pm
Finally, [the show closes at 5:00], I have given up all attempts to curb my trigger happy spending. I buy a book.. ladies and gentlemen, I lie. In fact I buy not one, no, but TWO books, each for FIVE pounds.

I go home euphoric from all my spending, yet crestfallen that I am so weak.
For it is true,
For all my bitching on this blog and in real life,

I am weak weak weak weak shamefully weak.

A Book in the ICA bookshop that made me laugh.

“In the garden of the spirit,
I am a noxious weed.”

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    13 thoughts on “My flesh is strong but my will is asthmatic

    1. I think you should meet some wacko friends of mine. I have many in London. You should definitely meet Jo, no, scrap that, she’s seeing my ex. You should meet her cousin, Arthur, or Arf, who was the English backpacker we took into our house in January 2003 who ended up becoming a good mate of ours. He’s a crazy cunt.And anyhow, why would you want to meet Mansha’s wacko friends when you could just meet wacko Mansha in Bombay in December?(Just pretend that I didn’t talk about myself in the third person. GOD I hate that.)

    2. Sitting alone in a roomWith no comp’ny except for this mindAnd going slowly insaneHaving these chats with my brainWhen will my boss get back?I need to physically chat…At first I was relaxed with the peaceBut now I need some reliefFrom this silent room with no facesOutside, the people and placesBut here just the sound of my typingLook what I`m reduced to writingComplete drivel I know

    3. Just spoke to scritch on the phoneShe really knows how to moanHer voice is so whinyHer face is so shinyBut she still makes guys accident prone.

    4. The other day i was out playin me jingle in me van when i noticed me mates ice-cream truck wasnt movin, i ran out of me van and into his where i found im lyin on the floor. He was covered head to toe in whipped cream, strawberry sauce, cruched nuts and hundreds ‘n’ thousands. Police said he tried to ‘top’ himself! Ha! Ha! Dya want a flake with that?!

    5. Blogger blogger on the netWho`s the best blog you`ve ever read?I like Janine`s best of allAll the pics are sex – u – al

    6. bored?just a little…I want to drink a glass of wineOr a single malt before I dineA bottled beer from Spain or FranceUsually gets me trying to danceI`ll even drink gasolineAnd slur and act all obsceneI just want something good to happenSo i can try and stop a`nappin

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