Sketch Book Fiddling

Another for the growing collection. I feel so proud. I have to scanning the stairs down to Brixton tube for the past few weeks with no luck. I looked up and down today and was disappointed yet again. HOWEVER, as I was walking to the bus stop I saw a piece of paper face down, it looked about the right size so I flipped it over with my foot and VOILA! Professor Habib.

I got so irritated with the untidiness of my sketch book, that I started whiting out all the scrappy bits with poster paint.

While I was testing out my new Chinese watercolour paints, I accidentally squirted blue 4 feet in the air and right across the cream rug [now very grubby] in the living room. I spent the better part of an hour scrubbing it and it still wont come off. Does anyone have any suggestions?

This was supposed to be butterflies in the the tummy/giddiness/that weird feeling when you’re happy, but it doesn’t quite work. Oh well.

I don’t know, I’m not really happy with these. Which seems appropriate since the idea of ‘happiness’ doesn’t come across at all. They are quite shit really.
I’d better get back to work now.


9 thoughts on “Sketch Book Fiddling

  1. if your penis [or anyone elses] resembles anything in that drawing, I would seriously suggest you [or they] visit a doctor.Or a therapist. Perhaps you see penises where there are only leeches?Perhaps you consider the penis to be some kind of parasite?Either way, I think you need some help Lex.

  2. I wandered lonely as a duckQuacking about being down on luckThe other ducks don`t look my wayThat is why I like to prayGod of all the ducks aboveShower me with lots of loveTurn me into something newSo I can bid duck-life adieuA swan that glides blissfullyA shark that eats beneath the seaA whale..sorry this poem has become too pathetic and I am ending it now…(but still illustrate it 🙂

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