Crankiness Update 23:31 pm

Still quite cranky.

Was depressed after crit. Depression so far steadily maintained.
Thank you whiskey and coke [no ice] for temporarily helping.

I feel ugly.


17 thoughts on “Crankiness Update 23:31 pm

  1. There once was a man from the village.Who liked nothing but to rape and to pillage.Etiquette, he had none.Cause he fucked from the bum.Nothing filthier could you envisage.

  2. You need to start using the full word for whatever this “crit” thing is, because it automatically makes me think of ‘clit’, which is hi-laar-yus, which in turn makes me think of clitoris rhyming with Delores, and Regina with vagina, and Mulva with vulva; this makes me want to stop studying and watch Seinfeld re-runs endlessly, which is potentially disastrous. So, like, stop.-CarMunch.

  3. Lex that is hilarious if it’s original. If its not it’s still hilarious but I’m much less impressed.blobs?? I hate euphemisims for periods. Like ‘auntie flow’ or ‘chums’ Uuuuurrrrgh!! chums is the worst word EVER created. What the hell does it mean???is it the desi translation of ‘auntie flow’ ?i’m cranky because I had a lousy crit.Crit = critique. Pay attention woman I’ve said so a million times. In fact every week or so.And if crit = clit to you, and that makes you happy, then stopping I think would be a real shame. especially now I know, I could exploit it so much more.

  4. Her drawings cast a thousand staresOf which she was so unawareAll Sheikh kabbas and phallic toysHer work frankly could not annoyFor it was mostly done in jestSo no one ever did protestKeep drawing, oh crazy artisteYour art ain`t bad in the leastSo what if it some times needs explainingThat`ll take time’way for your complaining‘I have too much work, I have no money’‘Just have one drink, then go and study..’

  5. my love for Ian Seigal has slowly but surely deteriorated. Dont get me wrong, I still think he’s some hot shit but this does not extend to my attending his concerts quite as diligently.

  6. There once was a girl from the village.Who was opposed to rape and to pillage.She couldn’t abide it.Though she never had tried it.She still wouldn’t condone in its usage.

  7. There once was a girl from Mumbaii.When she looked at the homeless she’d cry.But not cause of pity.Cause they live in her city.When she wished they’d just fuck off and die.

  8. There was once this girl with a grinThat smacked of over – chagrinThese guys she once knewOne from blues, one from schoolKept writing to her in this formShe always moaned, come rain or shineIt was always groan, snipe & whine I have no this, I hate all of thatJanine darling,Just be happy you ain`t fat.

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  10. i fucking hate these goddamn idiots infiltrating the nice clean blog world with their advertisement shitewhoever you are dont fucking tell me how to earn fucking money you fucking jackass

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