Wednesday Crit.

Was pretty rotten.

I feel both frustrated and cranky.

Too many suggestions and not enough focus. I can’t do everything I can just try different things, one at a time and furthermore, it’s in fucking progress. What the fuck?

Anyway I’m cranky.

I need to buy a printer. I hate photocopies. They stink.

Foz joined us in the pub for a drink. He says he’s surprised people find him intimidating. As I correctly suspected, he said that his wife is EVEN MORE intimidating than he is. Wow.

There is no point to this post except to tell the world how cranky I am.

He smokes. I like that. I’m sick of people becoming so goddamn health conscious and vice phobic.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Crit.

  1. Who says not smoking has anything to do with health or vices. are you joking?I’m Vice with a capital W. I’m also a vee bit dyslexic, apparently.vice wise and virtue foolish. dats whut ai yaam, ma’am.

  2. of course it does. we’re being badgered to quit everyday on tv. healthy healthy healthy don’t do this don’t do that eat right excercise right be right blah blah blah

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