My loyalty to Illy IS rather silly

I got a free hot chocolate!

I just couldn’t have done it without the help from Emma, who kindly donated some of her stamps and all the long long long hours of critiques that we have had, without which I could not possibly have consumed as many beverages as I did.

Thank you all for your support and understanding and god bless everyone.
*Sob* I’m just so glad *sob sob sniff sniff wah wah*


4 thoughts on “My loyalty to Illy IS rather silly

  1. Can you dig up a footoo of Leo? I’m sure you have plenty. My friend Ash (the aspiring yoga teacher) wants to see a photo of him, for whatever reason. I think she thinks he’s cute (from what she has read on his be-log), and wants confirmation. Oh and I made the blobs comment. My mate Arf first said that to me and I nearly dry retched just thinking about it. Blobs. Blobs. BLOBS! Isn’t it the worst word?It is, until someone says….plops.

  2. You forgot to thank God and hold up your Chocolate Oscar! The crying was good though. I got all emotional too:-) So proud of you!

  3. blobs and plops?? shudder. but it still can’t beat chums.thank you devi, I was sobbing a lot as I collected my hot chocolate. it was a magical and very special moment for me.thank you thank you all

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