Submissive seeks Mistress for Play

A lonely Epson R240, siting all by himself in a cramped shop on Tottenham Court road has finally found a loving yet demanding mistress, and has placed himself happily on my bed awaiting a test print.

Boy is he a lucky devil today.

I shall name him Sam.
If he’s naughty and spits out my nice heavy weight printer I shall call him Samuel.

And if he’s very VERY naughty I shall spank him and then complain loudly to Epson.


2 thoughts on “Submissive seeks Mistress for Play

  1. Ha, found an entry without comments.Treat Sam well. I once lost a similar protégé when I accidentally poured prickly-pear-juice all over him 😦

  2. i always feel bad for posts without comments.This commenting thing is excellent. prickly pear juice sounds quite yummy. I shall never never ever leave beverages near my little baby.As it is my laptop is pretty dirty now.

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