Romance is in the air

In the interest of furthering romance [and by popular demand i.e one person], I shall now display a selection of ‘Leo’ pictures in the hope that some mental woman might develop the hots for him.

She’ll marry him, have 3 children, he’ll drink too much
“Why don’t you spend any time with me Leo? You’re always drinking with J, that bitch! I don’t want you going out so much any more. Spend more time with the kids!”

“Shure shure daarling, I always shpend time with Bunti and Ramu…I love Bunti”

“He’s not called Ramu! He’s called Shamu and SUPRIYA!! You don’t even remember your own children’s names???? You shameless drunk!!”

And so on…

Leo with Farad the bawa solicitor in Goa. I love the light in this place. I had the best shrimp coconut tom-yum soup ever.

Leo drinking at Sea View. And then a little while later…drunk and waving a bottle around at Sea View.

Leo grinning like a dope, [also partly on dope]

And finally, but not least: Leo cleaning. Yes ladies, there is hope…

Ps: Leo has requested that I refer you all to this post

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    16 thoughts on “Romance is in the air


    2. janine never comes out anymoreAnd for that I really do deplorethat I still text and call her morethan ever i have done before

    3. There once was a boy who tried to do ryhme.But gave it all up cos he didnt have the time.No matter how hard he tried, he couldnt be funny.Cos a lack of talent, meant he never made any money.So hes given up rhyming and to his dismay.The boy is a quitter what more can i say.But theres no need to cry, so dont reach for that tissue.He’s making great money now, selling Big Issuses.

    4. yes Charis is the other limmerick writer.America’s next top model is such a kick ass show. I love beautiful brainless bitches scratching each others eyes out

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