Flame Girl

Last night the ex set the left side of my head on fire.

The smell of burning hair is honestly, not pleasant.

This is why tea lights should not be placed on a bed while you’re rolling and the ex is slightly tipsy.

“Baby, I feel scared..”

I said meekly.

“What scared?? Why should you be scared, stupid?”

the ex replied,

Right before half my head went up in flames.


12 thoughts on “Flame Girl

  1. Ah the foibles of youth…you’ve obviously not written for demanding (read nasty) editors and clients.By the way, an excellent remedy for burned hair = drunkenness

  2. ah, I see, it will be a puff piece.well i plan on eating out and drinking & smoking. mmmmm wagamama. I had been dreaming of the lemon grass, coconut milk and chicken noodle soup with chilli, coriander and lime for ages, but when we finally had it, it wasn’t as yummy as i remembered.which is alwyas the case isn’t it?

  3. No! Obviously you can’t be happy about your burning hair (because immolation sucks), or Wagamama’s (it’s overrated). I meant my switch: beforeisputterout.blogspot.com

  4. well I have burnt some one else’s eyebrows and lashes while lighting their ‘cigarette’ with a lighter set on ‘high’. not a good moment. but i would use the stove no. thats just mental.

  5. Are you happy NOW?I’ve changed my layout so you can read it. I’m not an artist so while I may stamp on a slice of a Lichtenstein painting on the side of my blog, I don’t ACTUALLY know what looks good when designing a template.

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