Habib is secrectly a genius that no one has yet discovered.

He’s Bangladeshi and has worked in Beale and Inman for the past 20 years. On his twentieth anniversary Moss Bross ‘rewarded’ him with a palty 500 bucks [considering he must have earned them millions]

He told his family back in Bangladesh that for the last 20 years he’s been working as an accountant in a firm. They have never seen the shop. Maybe they also think his polish wife is actually brown.

I asked him what 7 multiplied by 365 was and he scratched his head for some time and finally deduced that ‘Well… it must definitely be more dhan three hundred sixty five…yes’

But he really is secretly a genius. The other say Charris told him that it was my birthday and he needed to buy me a card. When he finally discovered CCLJ was lying [he always is and yet Habib always believes him] he said,

“Charris, you h’are REALLY a double bastard, I swear it. I shall give you a big kick”

That is such a beautifully perfect swear word. I shall use it forever.


2 thoughts on “Habib

  1. Ahsan Habib shall attest to be the last great man of his or any other time. A man of pure munificence, of glorious heart and humility. Composed of such intricate genius he managed to construct his own dialogue that was so complex, it was impossible for the average competent person to understand. (his pioneering usage of the phrase ‘Double Bastard’ is now in Webster’s) As his biggest fan, protege and desciple: it pleases me that you have made Habibs accomplishments known to others that may have been unaware of his true greatness, and for that i thank you. Jason Incognito

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