A Home for Professional Whingers & Whiners

I decided a proper forum for whining was needed.

The Professional Whiner blog is open to contributions and at some point I ought to post things.
But please, leave your whines below.

  • A Professional Whiner
  • Be it on-
    [a] How there are too many people in Bombay.
    [b] The graphic designers in CSM are really annoying you and trying to run everything, goddamn annoying bastards.
    [c] Pregnant Women: they’re not ‘glowing’ they’re just bloated and sweaty from all the nausea.
    [d] People getting out on parole early.
    [e] Prisoners getting out on parole and then taking the prison to court because they had no access to hard drugs?? What?? I mean seriously what the bleeding f**k???
    [f] How its too cold.
    [g] How everything is too overpriced and will probably get worse.
    [h] How its still too fricking cold.
    [i] Anything thing else you’d like to whinge about, feel free.

  • A Professional Whiner
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    15 thoughts on “A Home for Professional Whingers & Whiners

    1. you silly girl, by making the password public I meant that you should share the username/password with the rest of us.Obviously, keep the username/password different from the one you use on your proper blog.

    2. thats far too much work. its far easier just to leave very long whiny neurotic comments. in fact you could whine about this issue in particular. go child, be free

    3. Let’s give more incentive to your whiners. The whiniest comments (which of course have to be articulated well) should be put in a post of their own.They get to be on the main page! Call it a prize if you will!HALELUJAH!

    4. I’m new here. But I like to whine. 🙂@ egghead’s comment – yes, you can make a blog have multiple contributors. Just add them in the manage section of the blog. They then log in with their own passwords, and can edit stuff on a blog. The admin can assign them all sorts of privileges and things too..

    5. I’d like you to whine too. please do.well i’m not techie enough but if egghead was co-admin he could do all that shit. i also dont want ppl to access my other blogs….

    6. listen man, I don’t know how to do all this techie stuff without letting people access THIS blog. Its way beyond me. It took me months and months to figure out how to even link shit. Cant you do it, so anyone can post & whine?

    7. hahaha, there aint no need to get all tied up about it. goto the whine blog:goto settings -> members, and just enter the emails of people you would like to invite.as long as they are not made admins, they cant do anything to your blog(s). to post, they use their OWN passwords and usernames, just like they would in order to post stuff on their own blogs. thats it!

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