Did you know….

When Leo was in London, for the longest time he INSISTED on wearing my Mums 25 year old Air India jacket that I had chucked.

One of the most hideous garments ever created, it was black with huge buttons, a round collar with round lapels and absolutely no shape whatsoever.

Although at first I too had been temporarily beguiled by it, I had since seen the light and discarded it. When your not used to wearing jackets at all [and what idiot would in Bombay?], anything that’s non-denim seems smart.

Everyone at Beale and Inman saw this thing [Leo] walk in, with long curly hair, over which a big fluffy russian hat had been jauntily placed, all the while wearing a girl’s coat.

They naturally assumed at first glance, [and until I informed them otherwise] that he must be a little butch lesbian. [Bear in mind that Leo has never successfully been able to grow facial hair, much to his dismay]

Ha ha.

They think all my friends are so pretty, Oh so pretty,
Oh so pretty and witty and GAY!!


9 thoughts on “Did you know….

  1. Ah I have no such worries. Leo will never cease to be a complete dumass. It is one of his major charms.In fact many of my best stories I haven’t even told yet, Leo would kill me.

  2. why? you adore such publicity. it makes you feel all famous and popular and shit and all the girls start commenting and all the boys start commenting in a very polysexual sort of way

  3. yes, but it all appears to be getting a bit out of hand. i think you have an unhealthy obsession with me. and none of your great PR is helping me get chicks.– a whiner and a wino

  4. well I’ll have you know, the romance post was actually a REQUEST [by a female no less]. which of course led on to this post. if anything i have an unhealthy obsession spending far to much time on gmail.but i still can’t upload my animations. and i tweaked them so they are better too. damn.

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