A Quandary

I must say, I’m still damn impressed by my ability to upload videos of idiots on my blog.

The question now is, how do I convert a flash animation so that it will upload?
I exported it first as a quicktime video in mpeg4 format but it still says invalid file format.?

I have a really excellent animation I want to upload. Its very insulting and morbid.

So now what?

Does any smarty pants know by any chance?


10 thoughts on “A Quandary

  1. converting a video to flash is a piece of cake. Just go to google and type ‘how to convert a video to flash’. you’ll find loads of programs there.Though you have a mac so compatibility will probably be an issue. In which case I suggest refining your search to ‘how to convert video to flash on a mac’.see, wasn’t that a piece of cake?

  2. thats a piece of cake I don’t want.I want to convert a flash animation into a quicktime movie file [.mov]which I did. but you.tube still wont accept itand i shrunk down resolution to requirements and did some mpeg4 shite but still only the phone videos uploaded. i don’t get it.

  3. by jove, I have it!why not convert it to the mov format instead of mpeg4 and see if it uploads.Actually that was a rather lame suggestion. Shameful in fact, coming from a refined technologist like I.

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