I’m sitting in bed, reading various nonsense blogs, and Deanne just called and now the phone is making a very strange noise.

Ah well, so I hung up.

Riddhi told me categorically,

“Talk to Deanne!”

I have neglected many friends lately.

I refuse to go out drinking, I refuse to go out at all in fact.

Lex is annoyed, Utah Jack was promised a call and seriously what is Deanne doing?

She keeps calling and hanging up?

So I was saying, Lex has been neglected, Utah Jack I never called back, Shwetha my ex ex ex flatmate I never called even though she told me she really needed to meet up, upset, blah blah the phone again, fuck this Deanne

Well she’s coming over to stay for a few days. I need to get out of bed and have some tea and do some work I feel so guilty.

Oh yes what I was going to say is that the MACD forum is really giving me a headache now and then someone will post some idiotic reply and seriously the ICA Mall is a pretty decent space.

And why cancel it if we haven’t paid anything yet or found somewhere better? Personally I’m all for the mall, The Business Centre at Angel is a good location but its not particularly larger than the Mall from what I remember at the apple convention [yes I know, oh my god I attended a convention, an APPLE convention of all things.

But I also attended a comic book convention, yes yes I am a geek, but it had Charles Burns (Black Hole) been interviewed by Jonathan Ross and was very funny albeit slight pricey.

Actually what I was originally going to say was that its so damn cold I cant be bothered to go out and I’m so lazy I can’t be bothered to un-neglect my friends even though I KNOW better now after years and years of gradually losing (and then sometimes finding) friends but Utah Jack is happily married so he won’t care but Lex’s lover boy party man James is in Leeds and Puru is a hard-working desi dentist so Lex has no boozers around on short notice.

I’ve decided I’m going to match-make and set Charis and Lex up to be drinking buddies. They both like puns and silly limericks. It’s pyaar baby.


Egghead seems obsessed with the word ‘cry-pod’


21 thoughts on “Morning

  1. I try to start each rhyme with a famous allusionBut you don`t even spot them, that`s my delusion.So i`ll dispense for once with all the pretension,And make it easier for Janine`s comprehension.I`m suddenly burdened with proper work again,So not much poetry for now my friends,I`ll just tell you one thing to keep you amused,Janine`s blog gives me the blues.

  2. Hahaha. Scritch, that does sound like a beginning of a good joke. You should get people to makes one up and post the best one [and also award it the Scrich Memorial Prize For Ethnocentric Jokes; the losing jokes can be awarded the Scritch Tacky Appreciation Awards, which of course would be nothing but exchanging high-fives on the Internet].

  3. Thank you mediocrete, I shall adress your comment first since it was a compliment.anything more in the picture and it probably would have been an insult.we should get lex, charis, leo and egghead to write the joke. Although, all their collective punning might cause them all to get nose bleeds. PERHAPS, they might all pun so much that it would combine to create a black hole consisting solely of bad joke.

  4. PERHAPS they would all spontaneously combust, then rise from the ashes, a phoenix-being comprised of all their personalities. This being would be a grammar, spelling and punctuation pedant; he would rhyme-all-the-time (A-HA!), have an elabourate bar mitzvah, complain about having no friends – while simultaneously being man-about-town – and work as a tech-savvy tech-journalist who eats olives and haloumi. Too much?

  5. I merely said yes to start the sentence and partly to placate spazsim chasm. she seems to be on the warpath. I didn’t want to get steamrollered.If i actually knew you better I’d have added all sorts of complimentary things.but spazsim is going to abuse you soundly now. and me.Surly girly: Wow! I’d really like to meet this chimera-hybrid. It sounds like a fun if somewhat full-on intense creature

  6. Wait, spasim chasm and you know each other? Iv been reading her blog for yeaaarrs.

    Bad enough the real world is a small place. Then the blog world begins to shrink too.. Dammit..

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