The Spare kid

I honestly don’t get why people have more than one child.
In the Victorian days, it made sense to shoot out 10 kids because at least half would die young. So on the whole it made sense to ‘back up’ your children. At least you’d have some left by the time you actually stopped breeding.

But now, there’s no real need for a spare child. You just need one really.
Ok perhaps you have a girl, then you have a boy. A full set, so why have a third kid? Do you really need a spare? Is it incase one of you’re kids turns out gay and so you still have a full set?


14 thoughts on “The Spare kid

  1. No, it’s so that religious ‘See The Light’ couples can prove to the world that they’re not closeted fags and dykes. That’s why they keep shitting out kids. Having three is the silliest idea, you’re bound to have a domineering oldest, a totally fucked up middle, and a spoilt brat for the youngest.

  2. “you’re bound to have a domineering oldest, a totally fucked up middle, and a spoilt brat for the youngest.”my god, that’s so incredibly true! Were you a one-of-three-er?

  3. haha thats quite a complete reverse set. I once met this identical twin who was briefly dating my flatmate and what i thought was so odd was that his brother was straight.

  4. No, I’m not a one-of-threer [and what do you mean ‘were’?!]; but I have been out with an oldest, a middle, and a youngest [not from the same family], and all those experiences were tortuous. Once again: I’m so excited about your best mate and his three gay brothers! If all four of the shat-out kids are gay, you could be the proud mother of a whole Queer Eye For The Straight Guy team [we can leave out Jai, he was entirely superfluous].

  5. Dont discriminate against little jai just because he was a brownie. Besides he was as gay as the rest of them if not gayer.What a lucky mom. I wonder if she had had any girls would they have been dykes? or would they have followed suit and loved penis?

  6. @surlygirl: I was merely being polite. It is possible that that you <>were<> one-of-a-three-er, and developed such characteristics, before yet another kid was dished out by the kid-makers.I didn’t want to be precociously presumptuous about these things. Not me. I’d rather be outrageously imaginative then cocky.

  7. Egg: I appreciate the outrageously imaginative sentiment, now that I know you weren’t just being frighteningly MORBID :).I am one-of-a-duo, and just the thought of the kid-makers producing another makes me retch, primarily because the thought involves them engaging in activities that should be prohibited for kid-makers above 40.

  8. well kid-make or not, necessary activities will no doubt be engaged in, even beyond forty.If my kids had such delusional notions that I shouldn’t have sex with the woman whom I married, just so that their pristine bubble isn’t pricked, I’d probably have ourselves caught in the act at every place in the house possible, just out of spite.

  9. As with all good suggestions and theories, adherence is expected from everyone else except the person who devised them. This is why my parents should stop having sex and I should never stop.That is if I ever break the spell of my Leo-like (Leonine?) state of celibacy.

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