Good Shot!


8 thoughts on “Good Shot!

  1. What sort of a nonsense link is ‘file:///Users/janineshroff/’ ?? It’s a location on your computer. You’ll have to upload the file someplace if you want anyone on your blog to open it.Oh and I got your mail. Essentially you need to upload it to youtube right?

  2. Scritch, you are one sick bitch. I’ve just got to link you. Also, boys shouldn’t be trusted with fire. My ex ex burned my cheek with a match that had just been put out. He didn’t realize it would still be hot. To his male mind, fire’s just an orange looking thing with a high temperature. I had my revenge by burning his favorite pair of jeans. Accidentally, of course.

  3. hahaha *crackling and rubbing of hands*thank you. I shall take that as a dubious compliment and honour. no one should be ever be trusted with fire. I think my ex’s concept of fire is much the same. But then to be totally fair, so is mine [kindof]

  4. I’m glad it amazes you. I put the sound in recently. It was originally a flash button but I made it an animation a few weeks ago.If you go on myspace videos: Look out for cherries animation. its by a guy in my class really funny animation and good music too.

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