Work In Progress


7 thoughts on “Work In Progress

  1. I like this. Surrealist influence, maybe? The bird-headed creature reminded me not only of Ibis, of course, but of O in the Story of O, perhaps because we were talking about Masoch and Sade the other day.

  2. Yes very heavily surrealist influenced I suppose. Not sure about the ‘O’ reference, but the character is an Ibis [well done for getting it!] Thoth I think.What is blogrolling by the way?

  3. I guess she meant she linked your blog to her blog which I guess it means that if you haven’t linked to her you reciprocate… I think.Re: O, at the end of the novella she is completely waxed and made to wear a real-feather bird mask, and then her “master” makes her go to a party like that, completely naked and only wearing the bird mask. It was adapted into comic book form by Guido Crepax.

  4. Maybe I shall link her. It would probably be easier than having to click on everyones display names. But I usually wait until they comment to a level that meets my satisfaction. 🙂I’m such a comment whore.

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